Dentistry is changing.
The question is - will you be part of that change?

Welcome to Innovation in Dentistry, a forward-thinking collective focused on equipping dentists to pioneer the future of dentistry.

We believe in the people that make dentistry great. Each company, each service, each product that is advancing dentistry by advancing care.

And we believe in the importance of innovation. Innovation has been the driving force behind progress throughout human history.
Permission to Pioneer Tagline

Here at iiD, we believe you must be original. It's your only true strategy for lasting success in dentistry. The spoils go to the pioneers, and you can only pioneer if you have the courage to be an original.

The future of dentistry belongs to the innovators

Our mission is to educate and inspire.  For dental professionals to learn to think differently.  To see problems as signals to the birthplace of innovation.

Innovate in Dentistry

Learn to fail fast.
To fail forward.
To be market driven.

Learn to think and see
the world like a
visionary entrepreneur.

Set Yourself Apart in Dentistry
Be Unique In Dentistry

Want to play it safe?
Truth is - safety is an illusion, it doesn't exist.

It might sound harsh, but true progress and innovation begins when you face the cold hard facts that you don't have a choice. Risk is unavoidable. Learn to embrace the unknown and dance with the tension of failure. Dentistry needs you. Now is your time.

The mission is simple.  Empower and encourage.  Our success is made evident by seeing innovation in you.  It begins with belief.  Then a little bit of permission.  Add to that some crazy and that’s a damn good recipe for the birthplace of innovation.

Spotlight on Innovation

Introducing the Patient Care Program [PCP].  It’s an innovative approach that magnifies the care you are already giving patients.  How do you achieve patient care at scale when time with the patient is only getting more limited?  

Discover how Innovation in Dentistry’s founder, Shawn Zajas, pioneered positive disruption in the electric toothbrush market. 

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