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Together, let's challenge the status quo, embrace the unknown, and create a brighter future for dentistry. Welcome to Innovation in Dentistry.

Welcome to Innovation in Dentistry, a website and podcast that will challenge your current concept of what’s possible in the dental world. Our founder, Shawn Zajas, started this journey with a simple toothbrush and a desire to create value. Now, he’s on a mission to inspire dentists like you to see the world differently and to become a part of the change in dentistry.

Our goal is to paint a picture and illustrate concepts that you may not be familiar with, pushing the boundaries of what you believe is possible. We want to give you the permission to pioneer positive disruption and inspire change in the world of dentistry. We believe that innovation is all about creating something remarkable, and we’re here to guide you through that process.

At Innovation in Dentistry, we know that true success comes from aligning your actions with market-driven realities. We want to teach you how to think differently, take calculated risks, and embrace uncertainty in order to build wealth and achieve lasting success. Our podcast is not just about improving your dental practice, but also about helping you create true wealth beyond the confines of dentistry.

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Shawn isn’t a business coach or a life coach.  He’s the guy you call when you are ready to step into the unknown, to take the leap, to pioneer a new thing – and you want the belief, encouragement, guidance and insights from someone who’s been there before.  If that’s you, take a moment and reach out.  Application required.

Time is one of the primary non-renewable resources that everyone – dentist’s included – must learn to maximize.  In this webinar, learn Shawn’s secret Leveraged PX Framework so you can scale the care you are already giving, to ultimately create remarkable patient experiences.  Sign up today.

Shawn is a fiery and passionate presence that speaks on all things related to innovation and pioneering positive disruption.  Drawing from his own entrepreneurial journey, Shawn shares stories and insights that are sure to empower and inspire.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we explore the world of business, dentistry, and innovation. We’ll delve into mindset, risk-taking, and the power of media and technology to scale your success. Our podcast is designed to provide you with the tools and inspiration you need to become a visionary entrepreneur and lead in the face of uncertainty.

Together, let’s challenge the status quo, embrace the unknown, and create a brighter future for dentistry. Welcome to Innovation in Dentistry.

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