The Danger of Playing It Safe: Unleashing Your True Potential in Dentistry


Podcast Summary

Welcome back to Innovations in Dentistry, where we dive into the ever-changing world of dentistry and explore new ways to innovate and grow as dental professionals. In our last episode, we discussed the importance of belief in oneself as a leader and visionary entrepreneur in dentistry. Today, we’re going to talk about the illusion of safety.

Host Shawn Zajas reminds us that safety is not always what it seems. While we may feel safe in our comfort zones, this can actually be a dangerous place to be. The fear of losing what we have can keep us from taking risks and pioneering something new and disruptive.

As dental professionals, we must be willing to embrace discomfort and uncertainty in order to achieve our goals. This may mean stepping out of our comfort zones and taking bold action, even if it feels risky or unfamiliar.

Zajas emphasizes the importance of authenticity and staying true to oneself. We must learn to question our habits and behaviors that may not be aligned with our true values and beliefs. By embracing our unique perspectives and personal brands, we can stand out in a crowded field and make a real impact.

The illusion of safety can be especially tempting in times of crisis or uncertainty, such as during a pandemic or economic downturn. But as Zajas points out, the safest place to be is in the center of one’s own identity. By staying true to oneself and taking bold action, even in uncertain times, we can achieve success and fulfillment.

Finally, Zajas encourages dental professionals to reach out for help and guidance if needed. Whether it’s learning practical skills for starting a business or sourcing products, there are resources available to help us on our journey to success.

In conclusion, the illusion of safety can be a dangerous trap for dental professionals. By embracing discomfort and uncertainty, staying true to ourselves, and taking bold action, we can achieve success and fulfillment in our careers.

Podcast Transcript

Hey, this is Shawn Zajas, with innovations in dentistry. And man, this is just so much fun for me, because I love dentistry. And I know 100% that right now there are so many changes that are taking place. So the last episode I shared about belief, right? Because at the end of the day, if we’re not able to challenge our own beliefs about whether we’re worthy, whether we can actually be a leader, whether we can actually be part of change whether we can actually be a visionary entrepreneur, as a dentist, then it it really doesn’t like nothing else. Think of think of belief. As it happens in your heart right now, we don’t really physically mean your heart app is in your mind. But think of in your heart, like a seedbed, right. There’s soil, and it’s either really, really fertile soil, and it has been tilled, it has been tended to it’s nutrient rich, and you can plant pretty much anything in it. And it’s going to bear fruit, it’s going to come forth, it’s going to have to be live. The problem is so much of our belief centers don’t look like that. There’s thorns, there’s rocks, there’s a lot of rocks, and out of the rocks and thorns show up, they show up because we misinterpret some trauma, some tragedy, maybe even a triumph in our life, we just misinterpret it, we misinterpret what it means about us for who we are or capable of. So again, I’m just gonna remind you, you are capable, you’re competent, you’re an overcomer, you’re resilient, and you’re stronger than you know, I guarantee that you are stronger than you know, you’re smarter than you know, you’re more capable, you can actually run a faster pace than you think. You can live a more disciplined life than you think it’s there. It’s all there. So today, I want to talk about the illusion of safety. Now this is not a an enjoyable topic, because it kind of shatters this illusion that we feel safe, we feel safe right now we feel safe in what it is that we’ve created. If you have a thriving practice, you probably feel some some measure of safety and that maybe maybe your habits give you some sense of safety and security. Maybe your network gives you some sense of safety and security. Maybe it’s your bank account, maybe maybe it’s your stature, maybe it’s your looks, maybe it’s your ability to communicate. I don’t know if it’s a skill of sustainability, if it’s a thing. But I guess the main thing here isn’t that life isn’t safe. That’s really not the point, actually, that that is a valid point in itself. But the main point here is anything that actually gets you to feel safe, I want you to divorce that not the actual thing, don’t divorce your spouse, divorce, that feeling of comfort and safety you get from that thing from the money in your bank, from the successful practice you have from the network. Because what happens when we’re thinking of creating what happens on it, or thinking of pioneering something that matters, something that can be disruptive, something that can change an industry is that often we think about all that we can lose. And somehow we think if only we protect what we have, we’re going to be okay, but that’s bad thinking. That’s not how the wealthy think that’s not how those true pioneers think the mindset is not how do I protect what I have, you see all that’s behind you. And in this moment, if you’re walking forward, if you’re actually in motion, if you’re active, all that has been is behind you. It’s yesterday, it is behind you in this very moment. And all that can be is in front of you in staying at this place of home. And there’s a lot of different phrases for this. In the church, it can be viewed as almost brokenness, a good sort of brokenness, if you’re not church, and you might think that that means damaged, it doesn’t. It’s more of a place of an identity of almost acknowledging need. So when it comes to investments, when it comes to like an entrepreneur, it’s thinking of in terms of almost like, when you’re bankrupt from assets, you are so motivated to create to amass to fix that problem. But then we get comfortable and we kind of start thinking we reached the Promised Land, right? We kind of start thinking that yeah, I’m doing pretty good and we get we get lacks, and when we feel that sense of safety. Oh, man, it’s so hard to get out of the boat. It’s so hard to get out of the harbor. It’s hard to raise that anchor. It’s so difficult to take that Cold Shower, when you just love that comfort of the warm shower, it’s so difficult to start incorporating fasting into your lifestyle when you just love the comfort of food. And some of the greatest men and women that I admire willingly subjected themselves to discomfort simply so they don’t. They don’t, it’s almost like saying fu to this illusion of safety as if we know. And so if we can predict what the marketplace is going to bring tomorrow, as if we know that we know that the pandemic was going to happen, then we know that all of a sudden there’d be world forces that would bring us into some sort of a I mean, there’s kind of a war happening, and that would bring our country into a recession. We know that, of course we didn’t. So the sooner we develop this relationship with being okay with the unknown, with being okay with a sense of risk uncertainty, that is going to set you up for success, because safety is not your friend, okay? We’re not talking about you’re in the Yukon wilderness, exploring, and you come across some grizzly bears, and you don’t happen to have any sort of defense mechanisms on your your body, right, we’re not talking about that sort of safety, I am not wanting you to put yourself in peril. But somehow, we think that if we do this thing, or if we do that thing, or if we separate ourselves from the crowd, that it’s so dangerous. And I would rather you think the opposite. If you do nothing, if you don’t show up as your authentic self, if you don’t show up as the original that you are, if you don’t bring your perspective, your mindset, your personal brand, your beliefs, your perspective, if you don’t end up living fully aligned with that, then you’re you are completely at risk, you are not safe, because the safest place for you to be is that blue ocean, the safest place for you to be is in the center of one identity. And that identity is singularly you. You’re not trying to be Bill Gates, you’re not trying to be Gordon Christiansen, you’re not trying to be Elon Musk. I don’t know who your heroes are. And it’s not bad to have heroes. I love having heroes. I love having mentors, people that inspire you, but you can never become them. So the sooner you get good at becoming you and questioning every single thing about the way you do things that aren’t really authentic to who you are. Why I did this because it doesn’t offend people. Okay, I did this because I didn’t want to make waves. I really like peace with people. Those are all noble things. But it doesn’t mean it’s right. So I’d like to say safety is just an illusion. It is scary, to be complacent. You know, it’s scary. It’s scary to settle. It’s scary to just accept the status quo. It’s really scary to have wondered what if, oh, my god, that is so scary. But let’s fast forward. Now. It’s 2030. What would have happened? What What if you, I’m talking to you right now, what have you back in 2020, to the very end of the year, remember, remember that thought remember that dream? Remember that like really bold, audacious, like crazy thing that entered your mind? What have you done something about that? What if you stretch your 2023 to be a year so that everything you did was in alignment with achieving that mission, your mindsets, you’re elevating them, your routines are getting elevated, your disciplines are getting elevate your habits, you’re saying no to things that limit you and you are embracing the crazy, you’re embracing the wild, let’s just like that, let’s call it that you’re embracing the wild. And my challenge to you is please stop playing it safe. Stop playing in that world of those thought patterns, those behavioral patterns of conformity and safety, stop it. I gave you permission, pioneer, enter into the wild. But don’t don’t again, don’t do this as if you’re trying to figure out and become somebody else be you. I guarantee you the roadmap to where you need to go is not outside of you. You know, your parents, you know, again, the tragedies and triumphs. They carry the map. What is it that drives you crazy? What is it? What pain? What is it the pain that moves you? If you could wave your wand and all of a sudden fix that for somebody else? Would that be worth it? I 100% believe that the second you start believing and the second you own this identity and the second you look out that window and go away. It’s actually not dangerous out there. It’s dangerous if I stay put things begin to orchestrate themselves. Yeah, that call that text from a friend you haven’t heard of in a while. That LinkedIn friend request, that next conference, you go to the person that you end up having drinks with, all of a sudden movement starts happening, shifts start taking place, just safety is an illusion. Yeah, step up. You got this. This is your time. This is your year. 2023 is your sandbox. It’s your playground of discovery. So you can begin and if if you already if you’re if you’re super far out and you’re like shot, come on, like this is who I am. I think differently. I’m innovative. I’m gonna lead but maybe you just Don’t know some of the practicals maybe you don’t know how to start a business. Maybe you don’t know how to start a podcast. Maybe you don’t know how to structure terms for a partnership. Maybe you don’t know how to source products. I reach out to me. Anyway, I can help you. I am here. So until next time, step up, step out. And I don’t know, just give it a big fu to safety. Enter the wild and just know that that’s where you belong. And that’s where all the fulfillment in your life is going to come.

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