Aaron Hoffman

During his Senior year of high school in 1993, Aaron Hoffman did an apprenticeship at Sunflower Dental Studio in Topeka, Kansas founded in 1981.  

Since then, his father, Ron Hoffman and then partner Richard Gooden have both sold to Aaron, his partners Troy Gooden, Beau Gooden and J.T. Gooden. 

Learning valuable lessons from the recession of 2008 and the temporary closing of 2020 due to Covid, they’ve adapted and empowered their team by way of focused results, serving others better through increased communication and connecting through social media.  

This has lead to significant growth from serving dentists in only one state to over 45 states in just the past 5 years.  

While building professional friendships has become one of the most rewarding aspects of owning Sunflower, Aaron’s  most valuable riches are at home with his wife Maria, his 5 children, son-in-law and new grandson.  Aaron and Maria have also recently renewed their license to provide foster care to children of NE, Kansas. 


Innovator Insights

  • Embrace Change for Growth: Aaron encourages individuals to be open to change, even when it might feel uncomfortable. He highlights the importance of evolving over time and shedding old personas. Change, though challenging, is a powerful force for personal and professional growth. 
  • Invest in Online Communities: Aaron underscores the value of investing time in online communities, particularly in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Engaging with dentists in private groups allows for knowledge-sharing and collaboration, fostering meaningful relationships. 
  • Respond with Genuine Care: Sunflower Dental Studio’s approach to client relationships is marked by genuine care and responsiveness. Dentists value the attentiveness and support they receive, creating a culture of trust and mutual respect. 
  • Navigate Challenges with Gratitude: Aaron shares his experience of overcoming significant challenges, including the 2008 economic downturn and his wife’s battle with breast cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasizes the transformative power of gratitude in navigating difficult situations. 
  • Balancing Perseverance and Adaptability: Aaron’s journey exemplifies the balance between perseverance and adaptability. While the team at Sunflower Dental Studio is committed to their vision, they are also willing to adapt and pivot in response to changing circumstances and industry trends. 

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