Dino Watts

Dino Watt is the Founder and CEO of Our Ripple Effect, Inc. and one of the most exciting business relationship trainers in the world. As an award-winning mentor, author of 5 books, dynamic speaker and international trainer, Dino is constantly focused on how he can contribute more positivity and productivity to every business and person he interacts with. He does this by making things simple to understand and easy to use. Ultimately, he is focused on building trusting relationships where others can count on him. 

For the past 10 years, Dino has built his business in the private practice world, with a special focus on orthodontists. As a high-performance practice advisor, Dino has frequently been referred to as “the Tony Robbins of private practices”. His goal is to help business leaders create more passion, be more productive and create more profit in all areas of their life. 

Dino has been married to his childhood friend, Shannon for over 27 years and they have 3 adult kids.  

Innovator Insights

  • Embrace Non-Dental Perspectives: Look beyond the confines of your industry and seek inspiration from unconventional sources. By adopting a non-practitioner viewpoint and applying street-smart business ideas, you can uncover unique solutions to challenges within your dental practice. 
  • Strengthen Communication with Your Team: Recognize the importance of effective communication within your dental office. Invest time and effort in fostering open and transparent dialogue with your “work wives” or team members. This will help build stronger connections, enhance teamwork, and improve overall productivity. 
  • Apply Business Principles to Your Practice: Treat your dental practice as a business, not just a medical profession. Study and apply business principles to optimize operations, streamline processes, and enhance patient experiences. Continuously seek opportunities to refine and innovate, even if they stem from outside the dental industry. 
  • Continuously Educate Yourself: Commit to being a lifelong student of your field. Stay abreast of the latest advancements, techniques, and trends in dentistry. Attend conferences, workshops, and seminars, and read extensively to expand your knowledge base. Embracing continuous learning will position you as a thought leader and keep you ahead of the curve. 
  • Embrace Opportunities and Leverage Your Expertise: Be open to new opportunities and be willing to step outside your comfort zone. When presented with unexpected prospects, assess their potential and consider how your unique expertise can add value. By leveraging your skills and principles across various platforms, such as speaking engagements, study clubs, or even authoring a book, you can amplify your impact and contribute to the broader dental community. 

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