Dr. Kareem Osman

Dr. Osman’s dental care approach is built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and a commitment to true dental excellence. He wants to create long-lasting relationships with his valued patients, resulting in healthier, stronger smiles that stand the test of time. Dr. Osman knew from a young age that he would be going into the medical field, thanks to his parents’ overenthusiastic prodding that he become a doctor. However, as he grew up and continued his education, he realized what his biggest strengths were – working with his hands, building things, tackling new challenges, and most importantly, making other people happy. He quickly realized that the dental field encompassed all of these elements, and the rest is history. Dr. Osman is the CEO and founder of Kasper, a smart, integrated platform that helps you seamlessly run your dental practice, communicate with patients, and manage appointments.



Innovator Insights

Focus on a winner mentality: Surround yourself with individuals who share a winning mindset and are committed to providing the best care. Aim to have a circle of winners who value excellence and prioritize the well-being of their patients and team.

Prioritize patient care over money: Emphasize doing what is right for the patient rather than solely focusing on financial gains. By standing behind the quality of your work and demonstrating genuine care for your patients, you can build loyalty and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Shift mindset in selling: When selling to dentists, help them understand that it’s not about selling a product like a toothbrush, but rather about building loyalty and exceptional patient experiences. Dentists should invest in loyalty programs to demonstrate their commitment to their patients’ well-being, which leads to higher case acceptance.

Seize opportunities to help others: Actively seek and embrace opportunities to help others, as these can unlock doors and lead to greater personal and professional growth. By genuinely caring for others and extending support, you can make a positive impact in your own life and the lives of those around you.

Emphasize relationships and resources: Cultivate strong relationships with leaders and pioneers in your field, as they can provide valuable resources that enable you to have a greater impact. Connect with individuals who share your vision and values, and leverage the power of collaboration to drive positive change in your profession.

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