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Minal Sampat

Minal Sampat is a Best-Selling Author, Marketing Strategist, Social Media Coach, and Dental Hygienist. She was born in India, grew up in the U.S. Virgin Islands, went to college in NJ, and now lives in Walla Walla with her husband and an extensive shoe collection! She launched her first company by breaking a Guinness World Record and since then has helped 100s of dental practices with marketing strategies to grow production while reducing marketing expenses. She is also the founder of Marketologist™ – an online marketing and training course, and CE on the Beach™ – she holds Dental CE events on a tropical island.  This year’s CE on the Beach is in Turks & Caicos and next year, it’s in Aruba! Minal’s marketing strategies have been featured in industry press AND on Forbes.com…not once, not twice…but 7 times in the last 3 years. 

Innovator Insights

  • Define and Address Fear: Fear gains power from its ambiguous nature, but by defining and shining light on it, one can mitigate its impact. Identifying the worst-case scenario and having a solution in place allows individuals to pursue their goals with confidence. 
  • Embrace Authenticity and Question Conventional Practices: Challenging the prevailing belief in the marketing industry that emphasizes numbers and increased budgets, Minal advocates for a more strategic and simplified approach. By staying true to oneself and questioning the status quo, business owners can discover their unique path to success. 
  • Personal Growth, Learning, and Delegation: Recognizing strengths and weaknesses enables entrepreneurs to build a talented team that complements their skill set. Delegating tasks and trusting team members fosters personal growth and allows individuals to focus on their core competencies, propelling their business forward. 
  • Plan and Maintain a Positive Mindset: Overcoming self-doubt and limitations requires assessing the risks involved by considering the worst-case and best-case scenarios. Planning, preparedness, and maintaining a positive mindset are crucial when pursuing aspirations. 
  • Effective Communication and Unity: Sharing a personal story, Minal highlights the power of effective communication and the ability to rally people around a common cause. Fostering open communication and building a strong support network lead to success in both business and personal endeavors. 

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