Shannon Blackmon

Meet Shannon Blackmon, your financial well-being expert! As a CFP® and Portfolio Advisor at Thomas Doll, Shannon is on a mission to transform how you perceive and manage your wealth. 

With a background in psychology and a heart set on helping others flourish, she doesn’t just guide you through the numbers; she crafts financial plans that echo your life’s goals and dreams. From individual philanthropic endeavors to holistic wealth management, Shannon is the ally you want on your path to financial serenity. 

Why settle for just surviving when you can thrive? Let Shannon help you redefine your financial story for a prosperous, full life. Connect with her and start a journey towards financial enlightenment and well-being! 

Innovator Insights

  • Align Financial Goals with Personal Values: Shannon Blackmon emphasizes the importance of aligning financial goals with one’s personal values. This means looking beyond traditional markers of success and considering what truly brings fulfillment and purpose. Dentists, like anyone else, should reflect on what matters most to them and let these values guide their financial decisions. 
  • Invest in Expert Financial Advice: Recognize the value of seeking expert financial advice, especially in a complex field like dentistry. Viewing financial services as an investment in the growth and success of a dental practice, rather than a mere cost, can lead to more informed decisions and ultimately better financial outcomes. 
  • Prioritize Inner Prosperity: Inner prosperity is foundational to financial well-being. Dentists should not only focus on external success, but also on their personal well-being, fulfillment, and the authenticity of their financial journey. Understanding the deeper connection between one’s values and their financial decisions can lead to a more fulfilling and prosperous life. 
  • Optimize Tax Strategies: Dentists, like many high-earning professionals, can benefit significantly from optimizing tax strategies. Shannon’s expertise lies in creating tax-efficient portfolios and advising on strategies to minimize tax burdens. This proactive approach can result in substantial savings and improved financial health. 
  • Embrace Community and Collaboration: Building a supportive community and collaborating with like-minded individuals can be a powerful force for achieving dreams and goals. Shannon’s vision of leading retreats and workshops showcases the potential impact of collective efforts. Dentists should not hesitate to seek out and engage with communities that can uplift and empower them on their financial journey. 

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