Darin Acopan

Darin helped scale the Bowflex brand from $50M to $450M in annual revenues over a 8 year span. He transitioned to the dental space in 2014 as the head of business development for Stratus Dental’s DSO division. Darin joined the DEO in 2017 and became partner and EVP of Sales growing the membership from 20 to 300+ representing approximately 1,900 locations and $3 billion in combined annual revenues.

His success as a top performer at the organizations he has worked for is not a product of chance. Darin’s success has always come from his work ethic combined with his desire to identify ways to create efficiencies within existing processes. Working cross functionally to obtain alignment within each organization has increased the transaction values and profitability of the organizations he represents.



Innovator Insights

Surround yourself with people who are smarter and have strengths that complement yours: Collaboration and synergy can lead to exponential growth and success.

Embrace an abundance mindset and take ownership of your business: Blaming external factors hinders progress, while taking responsibility empowers you to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

Be humble and open to seeking guidance:. Recognize your limitations and be willing to learn from others who have already achieved what you aspire to.

Prioritize continuous learning and invest in personal development: Stay updated with industry trends, read books, listen to podcasts, and engage in educational opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Consider scaling your dental practice by forming alliances and expanding group practices: Cater to consumer demands for convenience and explore the potential of satellite locations and specialized service offerings. Strategic planning, aligning the patient experience with business strategy, and optimizing operations are crucial for success.

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