Portrait of Dr. Anissa Holmes, a dental innovator committed to excellence in dentistry.

Dr. Anissa Holmes

Made a name for herself as a leading expert in coaching and presentations. Her exceptional skills have earned her numerous invitations to keynote at prominent events like AACD, contribute to dental publications like Dental Economics, and present at top dental meetings and societies. 

Dr. Anissa Holmes is also the founder of DentalFlix, a leading provider of dental education, offering a comprehensive library of training courses, videos, and tutorials. With customized learning materials for every role in the practice, DentalFlix is revolutionizing the way dental professionals learn and grow. 

Innovator Insights

  • Embrace Continuous Learning: Anissa emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning. Regardless of your background or circumstances, commit to acquiring new knowledge and skills. Stay open to new ideas and technologies to keep evolving in your field. 
  • Take Bold Action: Don’t get caught in the cycle of overthinking and planning. Anissa’s success is attributed to her willingness to take action swiftly. Whether it’s testing new ideas or implementing them, don’t be afraid to move forward. 
  • Seek Mentorship and Help: Anissa highlights the value of seeking guidance from mentors and experts. Don’t let your ego hinder you from asking for help. Reach out to experienced individuals in your field and be willing to learn from their insights. 
  • Innovate with Technology: Embrace technology as a tool for innovation. Anissa’s use of platforms like Click Funnels and the development of Dental Flicks demonstrate the transformative potential of leveraging technology to enhance education and outreach. 
  • Invest in Yourself and Your Vision: Anissa’s journey underscores the importance of investing in your own growth and in the realization of your vision. Whether it’s developing courses, creating platforms, or exploring new ventures, allocate resources and effort to make your ideas a reality. 

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