Angela Mulrooney

Dr. Angela Mulrooney, aka “The Arsonist”, is a global speaker, best-selling author, personal branding expert on LinkedIn, and serial entrepreneur. She is the master at empowering highly accomplished professionals to burn away what has held them back from pivoting successfully to profitable entrepreneurship through their personal brand on Linkedin. 

Over the past 15 years she’s built 4 successful companies: 

  • A referral-based dental clinic at 28. 
  • A professional dance company at 33. 
  • A business coaching company for dentists at 36. 
  • A social media agency at 38 that morphed into what she does now… 

Taking professionals through her 90 day Pivot Accelerators where they follow her profitable entrepreneurship blueprint, empowering them to: 

– pivot to successful & profitable entrepreneurship 

– leverage their experience & expertise 

– build online masterminds 

– do work they love, with clients they love 

– replace and scale their current income 

– work from anywhere in the world.  

Innovator Insights

  • Identify Your Niche of Genius: Dr. Mulrooney emphasizes the importance of recognizing your unique talents and passions. Take time to assess what you’re exceptionally good at and passionate about in your career. Once you identify your niche of genius, focus on cultivating and harnessing those skills to create a meaningful impact. 
  • Embrace Change and Pivot with Confidence: Change is often challenging, especially when it involves shifting your career or professional identity. However, Dr. Mulrooney’s journey teaches us that embracing change with confidence can lead to personal growth and transformation. Be open to pivoting when necessary and trust that it can lead to new opportunities. 
  • Avoid Career Overextension: In the pursuit of success, many individuals tend to take on multiple roles or responsibilities, often spreading themselves thin. Dr. Mulrooney advises against this and encourages individuals to focus on their niche of genius. Concentrate your efforts on what you excel at and what brings the most value, rather than attempting to do everything. 
  • Seek Guidance and Coaching: Just as Dr. Mulrooney provides coaching to help clients uncover their niche of genius, consider seeking guidance from mentors or coaches who can provide valuable insights and support during career transitions. Coaching can help you navigate identity shifts and develop a clear roadmap for achieving your goals. 
  • Commit to Personal Growth and Impact: Dr. Mulrooney’s message to her 18-year-old self – “You’re gonna change the world” – is a reminder that personal growth and impact go hand in hand. Commit to continuously improving yourself and using your talents to make a positive impact on the world. Understand that your unique skills and passions have the potential to create meaningful change. 

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