Dr. Laura Mach

Dr. Laura Mach is a general dentist, a 15-year practice-owning veteran, and a certified life coach. She coaches women who own their practice on leadership and quality of life issues. Dr. Mach is also a national speaker who lectures on interoffice communication and also treating transgender patients. She has a podcast called Love Your Practice which can be found on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. You can find her at her website LoveYourPractice.net and on instagram @DrLauraMachDDS. You can also find her on Facebook and LinkedIn by searching her name.    

Innovator Insights

  • Embrace a Mindset Shift: Recognize the importance of shifting your mindset from a fear of upsetting others to a focus on who you serve and how. Define your path and be willing to make decisions that align with your values, even if it means some individuals may not resonate with your approach. 
  • Authentic Branding: Understand the significance of authentic branding in dentistry. Consider how your practice’s branding aligns with your ideal patient base. Avoid the trap of conforming to a standard that doesn’t authentically represent your unique approach and values. 
  • Challenge Limiting Beliefs: Identify and challenge irrational beliefs that hinder progress. Recognize that these beliefs are not absolute truths, but rather assumptions made by your mind. By questioning and reframing them, you can open yourself up to new possibilities and growth. 
  • Nurture Intentional Emotions: Recognize that your emotions are tied to your thoughts. Choose to nurture intentional emotions that align with the leader you aspire to be. Practice feeling empowered, confident, and proud, which can drive actions that are in line with your intentions. 
  • Take Action Despite Fear: Understand that fear of rejection or failure is a natural part of growth. Don’t let the fear hold you back from pursuing your passions and making necessary changes. Embrace the discomfort, knowing that it’s a small price to pay for the elation and fulfillment that comes from serving others with your unique gifts. 

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