Dr. Len Tau

Chosen as one of the top leaders in dental consulting by Dentistry Today, Len Tau, DMD, has dedicated his professional life to improving dentistry for both patients and other dentists.

The author of two books, Raving Patients, which was released in July 2020 and100+Tips to 100 5 Star Reviews in 100 Days which was released in March 2022, In December 2022, Len retired from clinical dentistry after more than two decades to focus all of his attention on helping practices increase their revenue.

Before retiring, Len operated the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence in Philadelphia, which he purchased in 2007. He also consulted with other dental practices part-time while he was still in practice, training thousands of dentists about reputation marketing, leading the dental division of BirdEye, a reputation marketing platform, hosting the popular, Raving Patients podcast, and writing his two books full of actionable tips.

Len lectures nationally and internationally on using internet marketing, social media, and reputation marketing to make dental offices more visible and credible as well as how to increase their case acceptance. He also hosts Supercharge Your DentalPractice, the ultimate marketing and business boot camp annually at various locations around the country.

Innovator Insights

  • Embrace Technology in Dentistry and Marketing: Dr. Tau’s early recognition of the potential of technology in dentistry and marketing played a crucial role in his success. Dentists should be open to adopting digital platforms and tools to enhance patient experiences and improve practice management. 
  • Swift Decision-Making with the 98% Decision Factor: Dr. Tau follows the principle of the “98% Decision Factor,” advocating for quick decision-making for matters of lesser consequence. Dentists can benefit from this mindset by making timely decisions in areas that don’t require extensive deliberation. 
  • Prioritize Online Reputation Management: Understanding the significance of online reviews and testimonials, Dr. Tau created the “Raving Patients” Facebook group. Dentists should actively manage their online presence, respond to reviews, and seek guidance on handling negative feedback to maintain a positive reputation. 
  • Diversify Skills and Perspectives: Dr. Tau’s transition from dentistry to sales and consulting provided him with valuable insights from various facets of the industry. Dentists can benefit from diversifying their skill sets and gaining different perspectives, potentially opening up new opportunities and approaches. 
  • Engage and Educate Audiences: Dr. Tau emphasizes the importance of education and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. Dentists can follow suit by actively engaging with their peers, colleagues, and patients, and by seeking opportunities to educate and empower others in the dental community. 

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