Emily Letran

Dr Emily Letran is a serial entrepreneur,  CEO of multiple dental practices, and private coach to many professionals. As an international speaker, she has been on TEDx  and shared stages with countless business leaders including Sharon Lechter (Co-Author Rich Dad Poor Dad), Dan Clark (Hall of Fame Speaker), Dr. Howard  Farran (Dental Town), and Linda Miles (The Ultimate Mentor of Dentistry). She has been featured on several magazines , Dental Town , Global Woman, See Beyond as well as the media, Yahoo!Finance, Forbes, USA Today, and FOX. She is a contributing writer for Dental IQ, DrBicuspid.com,  and Dentistry Today.  Dr Letran is the Founder of Exceptional Leverage Inc., host of ACTION To WIN seminars,  author of several books, and Certified Kolbe Consultant helping team grow with customized insights to boost performance.. She can be reached regarding interest speaking, guest expert appearance, high performance coaching , consulting and marketing strategist by email emily@exceptionalleverage.com   

Innovator Insights

  • Embrace a Vision: Having a clear vision and purpose is essential for entrepreneurial success. Dr. Letran’s journey demonstrates the power of having a driving force that fuels determination and perseverance in the face of challenges. 
  • Self-Promotion with Substance: Self-promotion is not just about empty words; it requires backing it up with valuable expertise and accomplishments. Demonstrating tangible results and accomplishments, such as writing a book, hosting events, and speaking engagements, can enhance credibility and authority in your field. 
  • Embrace Risk and Growth: Dr. Letran’s success was fueled by her willingness to take risks and step outside her comfort zone. Embracing uncertainty and learning from failures are vital aspects of personal and professional growth, leading to new opportunities and achievements. 
  • Impact Beyond Borders: Aspire to make a difference beyond personal success. Dr. Letran’s goal of becoming a world-famous philanthropist highlights the importance of giving back and making a positive impact on the lives of others, especially through education and empowerment. 
  • Enjoy the Journey: While driven by ambition and productivity, it’s crucial to find a balance and appreciate life’s moments. Dr. Letran advises young entrepreneurs to slow down, enjoy life, and make time for personal experiences and connections, as they add depth and richness to one’s journey. 

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