Dr. Maggie Augustyn

The moment she returned from her first mental breakdown in college, as she watched people whisper and point in her direction, she made a promise to herself that one day… one day… she will help create a world where actions like that are no longer welcome, where no one feel as alone and trapped as she had in that instant. Well, that day is here, 25 years later. Augustyn reads, researches, writes and speaks on the things that make us human, that make us hurt and that make us come alive.  Her personal mission is to ignite people to journey towards a less tainted self-actualization.

Dr. Maggie Augustyn is a practicing general dentist, owner of Happy Tooth, author and inspirational speaker. She has the distinguished honor of being voted “America’s Best Dentist” and “America’s Top Dentists” based on superior training, experience, continuing education and commitment to excellence. She completed her formal dental education earning a doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Prior to that, she was awarded two Bachelor’s degrees (UIC and Benedictine University). Immediately post graduation she completed the course sequence at the renowned Dawson Academy in occlusion.  Benedictine University awarded her the Rising Star Award (2015) presented to an alumnus who has made considerable strides in their career and has demonstrated dedication to philanthropic endeavors. Dr. Augustyn has a strong social media presence in dental circles, and has an average of 20 publications per year in journals such as Dental Economics, Dental Entrepreneur and others. She is a frequent contributor to Dental Entrepreneur Woman. She takes most pride in her role as contributing editor of Dentistry Today publishing a column called “Mindful Moments”. She has also been featured on various podcasts bringing attention to wellness, the importance of authenticity and self discovery.


Innovator Insights

Embrace vulnerability and share your struggles: Maggie Augustyn’s journey teaches us the importance of being open and honest about our mental health challenges. By sharing our stories, we can help break the stigma surrounding mental illness and create a supportive environment for others who may be silently suffering.

Seek support and build communities: Dentistry, like any industry, can be demanding and isolating. However, there are beautiful communities and support networks available. Reach out to organizations like the Productive Dentist Academy or connect with individuals like Maggie who are passionate about fostering a sense of belonging and support within the dental profession.

Challenge the destructive nature of comparison: Maggie’s talk on “the destructive nature of comparison” highlights the importance of avoiding self-comparison and measuring our worth based on others’ achievements. Instead, focus on your own journey, celebrate your accomplishments, and create circuits in your brain that allow you to appreciate the positive feedback and growth you’ve achieved.

Embrace authenticity and align with your heart: When speaking or presenting, focus on connecting with your heart and aligning your message with your true self. Authenticity and vulnerability have a profound impact on moving and inspiring people, even if you stumble over your words or haven’t mastered all the technical aspects of delivery.

Find value in being present and accepting rest: In a world driven by productivity and constant busyness, it’s essential to find moments of stillness and rest. Maggie’s challenge to be present and embrace the power of simply being, without always seeking tangible productivity, can lead to a deeper sense of self-worth and fulfillment. Embrace moments of rest and connect with the beauty of the present moment.

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