Dr. Allison House

Dr. Allison House has been practicing for 23 years and is the owner of the private practice House Dental since 2002. She served as a past president of the AZDA. Allison is the co-author of “Innovative Women in Healthcare: Success with Exceptional Leadership.” She has a podcast “The Authentic Dentist” where she shares her passion for all things dentistry.





Innovator Insights


Recognize that challenges and difficulties in your dental practice are not unique to you. Understand that many dentists face similar issues such as difficult patients and staff turnover. It’s important to remember that these challenges are not personal and that everyone has their own story.

Focus on becoming a better leader within your practice. Take responsibility for your actions and the impact they have on your team. Effective leadership involves clear communication, setting expectations, and providing guidance and support to your staff.

Consider the importance of marketing and promoting oral health to increase patient understanding and value. Develop a marketing campaign that educates patients about the complexity and significance of dental treatments. By enhancing patient awareness, you can combat the financial devaluation of dentistry and address entitlement issues.

Seek mentorship and involvement within your dental community. Connect with experienced dentists and professionals locally to learn from their insights and experiences. Building a network of supportive colleagues can provide guidance, assistance, and a sense of community when facing challenges in your practice.

Embrace the mindset of continuous growth and improvement in your dental career. Be open to learning, whether it’s through courses, podcasts, books, or mentorship. Stay updated on the latest trends, techniques, and marketing strategies to enhance your practice and make a greater impact in the field of dentistry.

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