David Moffet

Dr. Moffet and his team grew a small two room dental office into a successfully producing premier practice in a low-income suburb of Sydney, Australia.   His practice has grown from a one dentist/assistant team with production at $120K/year into a $3M/year booming business.  What was originally produced in a month, is now produced in a day.  In Dr. Moffet’s presentations, he shares the protocols and success principles used to predicate and sustain this growth. 
Dr. Moffet has studied philosophies of the most successful companies outside of dentistry and shares the best ideas learned there with his dental audiences.  He has also studied with some of the most respected business and communications experts on the planet:  Jim Rohn, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, John DiJulius and Tony Robbins to name a few. 
Dr. Moffet’s business success stems from his belief that ‘dentistry is a people business’.   By understanding customer service concepts and mastering communication skills, your practice can replicate this success.   Dr. Moffet’s presentations share the inside scoop on the unique systems his practice utilizes for exponential growth. 
Dr. Moffet was an elected member of the Australian Dental Association New South Wales Branch Council and Executive.  He is Past-President of The Hills Dental Study Group.   He is a member of the Speaking Consulting Network and Directory of Dental Speakers.  Editor and owner of www.edental.com.au – a website portal for Australian dentists – between 2001 and 2004, Dr. Moffet is published on www.edental.com.au and other dental industry publications. 

Innovator Insights

  • Embrace Coaching for Growth: David Moffet emphasizes that coaching is not just for athletes or specific professions—it’s a powerful tool for personal and professional development. Dentists should consider seeking coaching to unlock their full potential and achieve exceptional results in their practice. 
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Moffet underscores the importance of aligning passion with long-term goals. Dentists should approach their careers with a balanced perspective, ensuring that their choices lead to financial stability, personal satisfaction, and professional success. 
  • Diversify Interests for Enrichment: Moffet’s experience in both dentistry and community radio highlights the value of pursuing diverse passions. Dentists should explore varied interests, as they can provide fulfillment, enrichment, and unexpected opportunities for growth. 
  • Prioritize Community and Relationships: Building enduring connections with patients creates a legacy of generational care. Moffet emphasizes the profound impact of community and relationships in dentistry, highlighting the privilege of serving and impacting individuals and families over time. 
  • Leverage Online Communities for Dentists: Moffet is in the process of creating a global online community for dentists to provide a safe space for sharing knowledge and experiences. Dentists should consider becoming a part of such communities to gain valuable insights, receive support, and shortcut research efforts in various aspects of their profession. This initiative is set to launch in mid-November and promises to be a significant resource for dental practitioners. 

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