Dr. Glenn Vo

Dr. Glenn Vo is a practicing Dentist, best-selling author, Dental Entrepreneur, and expert in karaoke. As the creator of Nifty Thrifty Dentists, he has created a social media platform that reaches over 54k Dental Professionals on Facebook as well as 23k subscribers on YouTube. Dr. Vo also is the founder of Dental Lifestyles Magazine, a quarterly publication that reaches Dental Professionals all across the US. He became a USA Today Best Selling Author with his debut novel “2612 Cherryhill Lane” and a Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author with his business book – “Industry Influencer.”  Dr. Vo coaches Professionals across the country and helps them become thought leaders in their Industry. Glenn continues to wage war against Tooth Decay and Gingivitis in his practice while maintaining his job as an Uber driver for his kids and trophy husband to his wife Susan. 

Innovator Insights

  • Embrace Imposter Syndrome: Dr. Glenn Vo shares a powerful perspective on imposter syndrome. He emphasizes that the doubts and negative self-talk that often accompany success are natural, stemming from our brain’s innate desire to keep us safe. Recognizing that these thoughts are not facts but suggestions can liberate individuals from their clutches, enabling them to move forward with confidence. 
  • Honor Your Potential: Dr. Vo encourages listeners to recognize and honor the potential within themselves. He suggests that one of the most meaningful ways to show gratitude to those who have invested in you, whether family, mentors, or supporters, is by striving to fulfill your God-given talents and living up to your fullest potential. This approach can be applied not only professionally but in all aspects of life. 
  • Time is a Precious Currency: Shawn Zajas introduces a thought-provoking concept of equating time with money. By assigning a value to each hour of the day, he imparts a powerful message about the importance of how we invest our time. This perspective underscores the significance of deliberate choices and encourages individuals to make the most of every moment. 
  • Overcome Negativity with Positivity: Dr. Vo emphasizes the need to let go of negativity, resentment, and grudges. He suggests that harboring negative emotions takes up valuable mental and emotional space that could be filled with positivity and growth. By releasing these negative feelings, individuals can open themselves up to new opportunities and experiences. 
  • Leverage Community and Networking: Both Dr. Vo and Shawn Zajas underscore the value of community and networking. Dr. Vo’s platform, Nifty Thrifty Dentists, serves as an example of how a supportive community can provide resources, connections, and a sense of belonging. This emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals who can offer guidance, mentorship, and collaborative opportunities. 

These actionable insights from the episode encourage listeners to confront self-doubt, honor their potential, make deliberate choices about how they spend their time, cultivate positivity, and leverage the power of community for personal and professional growth. 

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