Dr. Eric Roman 

Dr Eric J Roman started his professional journey as a dentist but soon became the CEO of several fast-growing, multi-location dental groups that generated over $200m in care during his leadership.   Despite the successes, the journey was never easy and when he finally paused to reflect, he realized he had failed his wife, his family, and himself by making money and ego his core validations and focus.  Eric exited the company he founded to pursue a more balanced life, and he did this through coaching and thought leadership, where he has become one of the dental industry’s most esteemed experts on team dynamics and associate dentist development, coaching a community of more than $3B in annual revenue via the Dentist Entrepreneur Organization.   Sadly, Eric watched as others had a similar experience to his own:  A highly successful business coupled with a less-than-satisfactory life.   What emerged was a commitment to pivot again and guide people towards personal lives that were even more successful than their professional ventures.  With his team, he has developed the 1Life System, an operating system for personal and family lives that consistently and sequentially leads participants toward joy, authenticity, and life satisfaction…without sacrificing professional success. www.DrEricJRoman.com and 1LifeCircle.com 

Innovator Insights

  • Embrace Authenticity in Parenting and Personal Growth: Eric Roman advocates for an authentic approach to parenting, allowing children to experience a full range of emotions and imperfections. This empowers them to navigate challenges and develop resilience. 
  • Shift from Occupational to Personal Fulfillment: Eric challenges the conventional approach of seeking fulfillment solely through occupation or monetary success. He introduces the idea of a sequential, simple pathway to address personal and familial fulfillment, emphasizing that occupational success alone is insufficient. 
  • Trust the Process and Find Purpose in Every Moment: Eric’s advice to his younger self encapsulates a valuable lesson: trust the journey, find purpose in each moment, and relish the experience. This mindset encourages individuals to appreciate their life’s trajectory, even during challenging times. 
  • Integrate Personal and Professional Life with Intention: The “One Life Circle” program, introduced by Eric, offers healthcare entrepreneurs a structured approach to integrate their personal and professional lives intentionally. This initiative addresses various aspects, including relationships and self-discovery, providing a holistic approach to fulfillment. 
  • Challenge Conventional Notions of Success: Eric’s journey from reluctance to embrace social media to his current state of vulnerability and authenticity serves as a powerful example. It encourages listeners to challenge societal expectations and be true to themselves, even if it means stepping out of their comfort zones. 

Overall, this episode encourages listeners to reevaluate their approach to success and fulfillment. By embracing authenticity, navigating challenges, and finding purpose in each moment, individuals can cultivate a more intentional and purpose-driven life. Eric’s innovative approach to holistic fulfillment provides actionable insights for personal growth and transformation. 

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