Susan Leckowicz

Susan Leckowicz, CEO of Dental Coaches, is a coach for entrepreneurial-minded dentists who want to make changes in order to grow in a stress-free way. She is known for strategizing a plan for practices who want to decrease their dependence on PPOs or their involvement with them entirely.

For the past 15 years, she and her team have developed customized coaching programs and a Case Agreement System to increase production and collections by working smarter, not harder.

Susan is most passionate about working with doctors and their teams in creating connection, clarity, and trust with patients in their care. Her no-nonsense approach to goal setting, accountability, and marketing has inspired dentists and team members to  elevate their careers— while making their lives less stressful and more productive.

In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, yoga, golf, and fishing.

Innovator Insights

  • Intentional Culture Building: Susan emphasizes the importance of intentionally shaping the culture and values of a dental practice. By distilling authentic values and ensuring they align with the team’s beliefs, practices can attract the right team members. This intentional culture becomes the bedrock for creating a positive and consistent patient experience. 
  • Scheduling Flexibility for New Patients: A common challenge discussed involves practices wanting more new patients but facing a scarcity of available appointments. Susan provides a practical solution: block and hold time specifically for new patients. This ensures flexibility in scheduling, preventing potential patients from seeking services elsewhere due to appointment unavailability. 
  • Financial Agreement Form Tool: Susan introduces a financial agreement form tool as a foundational element in the coaching process. This tool aids in enhancing patient communication, clarity on payment options, and, ultimately, achieving higher case acceptance. By establishing a transparent financial agreement upfront, practices can streamline processes and reduce accounts receivable. 
  • Quick Wins and Tangible Success: In the three-month coaching process, Susan focuses on delivering quick wins and tangible successes to build momentum. Practices can expect a deep dive into metrics, goal setting, and the implementation of tools like the financial agreement form to see measurable improvements in production per hour and case acceptance. 
  • Team Collaboration and Synergy: Susan highlights the collaborative nature of her coaching team, where no coach is assigned to just one client. This approach ensures a synergistic exchange of ideas, strategies, and problem-solving. Practices seeking coaching support should consider not only the expertise of individual coaches but also the collaborative culture within the coaching team. 

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